Design for Manufacture & Assembly – Coin sorter

Product Aim Investigate and propose improvements for an existing product to reduce costs attributed to manufacturing and assembly requirements. Method The following was carried out using the DFA method for manual assembly theorised by Geoff Boothroyd. The product was disassembled to review the assembly sequence and identify each component and its function.  From this point IContinue reading “Design for Manufacture & Assembly – Coin sorter”

ASME 2012 Student Design Competition

Summer 2012, myself and three fellows students from Loughborough University entered the ASME Student Design Competition. Our journey began in September 2011 and ended in Nantes, France with a second place finish, narrowly missing out on representing Europe at the final in America. We were required to design four self-propelled devices to compete in aContinue reading “ASME 2012 Student Design Competition”